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Dievas / MisterBill Ingame

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We are Located on the East server
Our Main Channel is 99

Rules And Priorities

No lone wolves. We assist each other, run dailies together, and raid together.

You must be active on Ventrilo. You don't need to talk, but at least listen during groups.
You must be active in-game. At least try to do nightly titan raids with us.
Must be able to handle vulgar language.
No fighting with guild members or other guilds.

How to Apply

Applying is very simple, of course you found us on vindictus forums, so make an account on Here and then go back on Wired to make an account on here. Easiest point of access is ventrilo, we are on there most of the time, if not email me at or private message MisterBill / Dievas at 8-
9 Est.

Guild News    

Recruition time

mythidtry, May 22, 11 10:43 PM.
We are in need of members, we i am going to make a post on forums for the official recruitment. We need more people that are willing to get online for raids and take it seriously so we can do them in 5-10 minutes. Also we need more people like Freki and Misterbill that are on ventrilo all day no matter what.

Thor Update

mythidtry, May 22, 11 10:22 PM.
Thor run tonight was unsuccessful due to it being the second day of update, we were trying to figure out tactics and the easiest way of breaking, with 30 minutes not being very good, we still tried our best,

Time Breaker + opologies

mythidtry, May 22, 11 10:18 PM.
Sorry guys for not being able to put up alot of runs, have been busy studying for finals, also we have this 7 minute run, with alot of 8-12 minute runs before this one, we should be able to destroy thor.


mythidtry, May 22, 11 10:15 PM.
Another amazing run guys, we are doing very well with titan, we got down the basic strategy and are able to kill him fast, 13 minutes


mythidtry, May 22, 11 10:13 PM.
We had a very good titan run tonight, people where doing very good with ballista's  and we managed to do it all in 14 minutes. Well done

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